Hey! My name is Frankie, welcome to my page. Like many of you, I am the definition of an animal lover,  and as you can probably tell by the photos above - I find it extremely difficult to walk past any animal without saying hello. I have been very lucky to have many pets of my own since I was a child (mainly dogs and horses) and I’ve always been a huge advocate for animal welfare. I currently have a Blue Roan cocker spaniel  Fern who means everything to me. Look out for her, you’ll occasionally see her photo pop up on my page!

Animals provide us with friendship, loyalty and unconditional love, and they leave the deepest impressions in our lives.

The reason I do this is because to me there is nothing more rewarding than capturing an animal’s raw beauty and individuality in a photograph, different to any other portraits and give this to you and your family to treasure. I love to do this in an relaxed outdoor setting, where I can walk freely with your Hound just like every normal walk you'd go on and get to know them. Like me, my pets have always meant a great deal to me, and to my family and to everyone else I know who is completely sucked in to this crazy dog world! I absolutely love to meet new people, new Hounds and to give you a service that I massively enjoy doing every day. I do not like to rush at any stage of your experience, and if the shoot runs over time there is never additional charges. I will spend as much time that is needed to get your pet feeling comfortable and happy before we begin to shoot. And if the setting or weather isn't right for you, your Hound or myself, there will be no stress about rescheduling. It's about making sure your full experience is enjoyed by everyone, and most importantly - every Hound is content and relaxed, because that is what makes a great photo.

We are an insured business with a full disclosure Scotland check.