Where can we go for a shoot?

Don't worry if you are unsure or have no idea as to where you'd like to have your shoot! I have a huge list of suggested locations for shoots, whether that’s a dark woodland shoot you’re after or a bright sunny day at the beach. These suggestions are to help give you the perfect images, but I am always open to new location ideas. Location picking can also depend on what your dog needs – if you would like to go somewhere with minimal distractions or less likely to come across other dogs, this can also be easily arranged.

My dog cannot be let off the lead

It doesn’t matter if your dog needs a lead or a harness – these can be edited out of the picture post-shoot! I also come with a bunch of thin show leads and collars that can be switched over quickly before a shot. I will direct the shoot to try and hide any leads and collars as much as possible.

What if the weather isn't great?

It’s Scotland – who knows what the weather will be like from one hour to another? We make a call on the weather forecast the night before – if it’s dull, wet and down right miserable, then we reschedule! I will aim to squeeze in rescheduled shoots in sooner (you won’t be put at the back of the waiting list!). For any shoot, it’s always wise to dress appropriately for Scottish weather.

What actually happens during a shoot?

My shoots are typically held in the morning – the best light is just after sunrise. We meet at our agreed location, and we can either walk to grab a coffee or I’ll pick up some on my way. My shoots are always as natural as it would be just taking your dog for it’s Sunday afternoon stroll. I get to really know you and the dog, whilst walking us towards our 1st shooting spot. Most locations I will have scouted, so I know where the good spots are before we go, but sometimes I like to explore new areas as we go along! We will walk and talk, whilst your dog is having a brilliant time alongside us, sniffing and playing. I will occasionally ask us to stop walking as I set up a shot, chatting you through what I am thinking and getting your input too! The shoot normally lasts around 1 hour, but I never rush my photography shoots and would spend all day making sure we all leave happy and we’ve got all the shots we wanted.

My dog never sits still!

Dog’s are not designed to sit still for lengthy periods of time. It’s unnatural, and let’s face it – a very boring experience for them! I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get your dog to look at my camera and to get that perfect shot we’re after. One split second and that’s it – we’ve got the shot! I like to walk and talk, whilst spotting perfect shot opportunities. We get to have a blether whilst your dog gets to enjoy a new adventure.

Can I bring anyone to the shoot?

Of course!! It’s always great having another pair of hands free to help us with the shoot. I recommend one additional pair hand to try and avoid the dogs becoming overwhelmed and overcrowded with people! You will be involved in the set ups, such as holding treats, the leads and even making the weirdest noises you possibly can! We’ll work together as a team and having someone else there to help is always welcome.

What happens after the shoot?

I will post a Facebook preview on the Barker & Hound page, so that you can have a sneak peak into your set of photographs. Turnaround for photographs is around 2 weeks, and at this stage I will send you your private link with all of your digital images to download. Then, you will receive a free printing consultation, which is a casual chat about how best we turn your images into beautiful pieces of art! You can have a look at our diverse and striking printing and framing options that will really complete your full Barker & Hound experience.